Woebot is an AI powered chatbot therapist, with a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Leveraging natural language processing, it serves as a tool for those dealing with mental health and wellness.

Why are we stopping here?

Woebot is in the vanguard of mental health, deploying new interpretations of traditional frameworks in an ever more convenient way – notably through Facebook chat. A chatbot which can help those with mental health is always on, can learn over time, and is significantly less expensive than an in-person appointment. Additionally, it has components of its own personality which develop the longer it interacts with users.

With a Stanford-based study behind the technology, Woebot has just closed a series A round of funding. This will serve to scale up this fascinating technology – and bring affordable, accessible therapy to an ever large number of people.

Technology such as this – creating ‘human’ like interactions with patients – has the potential to revolutionise many different areas of patient engagement, and ensure that patients and service users get access to information and services they need, when they need them.


Prepare to meet a cheeky, clinically validated, mental health chatbot.

One more stop, one more way to engage with patients – find out more at https://woebot.io

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