Tresorit is a global digital security firm, offering a suite of encryption and hosting solutions for businesses which have confidential data, and wants to keep it such. Also, with a global datacentre footprint and heightened attention on HIPAA compliance, they are moving ever further in to the Healthcare space.

Why are we stopping here?

Patient data is potentially some of the most sensitive information there is – and with the increasing digitisation of medical records, there is a growing, and latent, risk. However, with the growth of mHealth, mobile apps, and patient generated data, this becomes an ever larger pile of confidential information. As ever more consumers expect the same level of service in healthcare as in the rest of their lives, healthcare companies must adapt not just products, but security.

Tresorit offers a tool, called Zerokit, which enables apps in the Apple Carekit environment to much more easily meet America’s HIPAA regulations – which will enable a wider variety of organisations, such as hospitals, to develop and offer apps. The will allow mHealth to come ever closer to patients, and give physicians the trust they need to recommend these tools to patients.

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