StartUp Health

StartUp Health is the incubator for new health technology companies. With several high-profile exits, including to Intel, Under Armour and WebMD, and partnerships with VC funds such as GE Capital, it is a hotbed for new ideas, and has the power to bring them to market. As time goes on, graduates of StartUp Health’s flagship program of Healthcare Transformers are acting as catalysts throughout the industry.

Why are we stopping here?

StartUp Health is a fund, an incubator, and an ambitious force for change, too. Fuelled by the ambition to start 1000 Digital Health companies and to invest $1 billion in new companies, StartUp Health sits at the epicentre of new ideas flooding across the healthcare landscape. With over 150 companies now in the portfolio, there is some way to go before the ambitious target is met – but it seems they are just getting started. 
With high-profile companies, and higher profile boosters (think Barack Obama and the CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services), StartUp Health is set to leave a trail of innovation through the entire healthcare value chain.
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From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

StartUp Health is just one of our amazing stops on our five-day whirlwind tour through the two great centres of healthcare innovation in the USA – San Francisco and New York. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms, startups and – of course – healthcare companies.


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Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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