Sinai Applab

The Mt Sinai Applab is a group of physicians and technologists based between the departments of medicine and information technology at Mt. Sinai hospital, in New York. It develops new apps, platforms on which to run them, analytics to support them, and has received funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Why are we stopping here?

Digital therapeutics holds huge potential, but its growth is hampered by the absence of a robust body of evidence to support its use – and also by large quantities of apps and digital solutions not being designed or vetted by physicians. The Mt Sinai Applab looks to solve these problems – and support colleagues throughout the world aiming to do the same. With a focus on pragmatic trials, as well as integration with different clinical departments, the Applab has the scope to change the way technology is used by doctors themselves.

RxUniverse, an app published by the App lab group, is a good example. A personalised miniature app store, connected to a patients digital health record, it allows physicians to directly prescribe apps from within their existing workflows. As all the apps have been approved by the App lab, there was no risk of low efficacy treatments – giving the physicians the added confidence to engage with this new area.

Prepare to meet a group who is bringing the noise of the digital health space directly to the patients – and making sure that it is still valuable when it gets there.  One more stop, one more novel combination of technology and medicine making sense of the whirlwind of disruption. Find out more at .

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

The Mt Sinai Applab is just one of our amazing stops in New York. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms and – of course – healthcare companies. Check the other stops on our website.

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