Sidekick Health

Sidekick health is an Icelandic-based patient engagement platform, which creates a fun, stimulating and personalised lifestyle intervention which focusses on making healthier choices, reducing known risk factors and changing the way we think about interventional health management.

Why are we stopping here?

Encouraging people to change their lifestyle, and to make healthier choices, could be one of the most significant tools in the battle against chronic conditions. Sidekick health leverages AI, health economics and the brains’ emotional systems to develop highly personalised engagement tools for people considered to be at risk, focussed through a relatable avatar.

Whether supplied by a provider or an employer, apps and programmes such as this offer a highly impactful way to scale up health improvements –with drivers ranging from decreasing absenteeism to minimising healthcare expenditures. And as it is gamified (read: fun and competitive), Sidekick health engages on average eight times per day, every day, with its users.


Prepare to meet one of the most engaging chronic condition management platforms out there.

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See the Life Sciences model change in front of your eyes

Sidekick Health is just one of the stops we will be making in San Francisco. We will hear how they see the industry changing – and hear about what part they are playing in it. Experiencing the full range of disruption – from start-ups, to investors, physicians and academic centres, we will be astounded at the pace and possibility of change.

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