Qualcomm Life


Qualcomm Life is the healthcare division of mobile chipmaker Qualcomm, and is a powerhouse in the mobile enabled health device and data space. It acts as an intermediate layer with its 2Net services, supporting other services and innovators, as well as making a bit of a splash themselves with their growth in the Internet of Things and focus on the management of chronic diseases.

Why are we stopping here?

Qualcomm sits at the middle of the largest ecosystem of connected medical devices in the world, and it is getting ever larger. The company allows data generated in the home to be connected with more conventional medical data – and is using its mobile experience to power huge programs of coordinated, and proactive, care for at risk groups. Using an open ecosystem approach (and Connect, their own Ecosystem conference), Qualcomm is supplying the know-how to treat and monitor more and more patients further and further from the hospital. 
Prepare to meet a company who are securely connecting all the dots of healthy living. Another bus stop at on the highway of integrated health solutions – find out more at 

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

Qualcomm Life is just one of our amazing stops. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms and – of course – healthcare companies. Check the other stops on our website.

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