Pulse @Masschallenge is a digital health lab, with a focus on start-ups. Part of the Masschallenge programme, it supports high-impact, high-potential early stage startups with coaching, partnership, and grants. Uniquely, it does not take equity when awarding financing, making it one of the most founder-friendly health start-up accelerators in the world.

Why are we stopping here?

While many accelerators take equity when bringing their start-up cohorts through their programme, Masschallenge does not. With their companies raising more than $2bn, this is a dedication to speeding development and bringing to scale which is both impressive and admirable. With four currently running sites (and the expectation of being in 7 more within two years), Masschallenge also has a truly global scope.

Pulse is the realisation that Digital Health is both more important, and rather different, from normal industries. We will visit and meet early stage start-ups, and see how they came to choose Pulse, where they see their technologies going, and what their plans for the future of the healthcare industry are!

Prepare to meet an organisation helping small companies make big differences – in the most responsible way possible.

One more stop, one new way of working with future-defining companies – find out more at http://masschallenge.org/pulse

See the Life Sciences model change in front of your eyes

Pulse@Masschallenge is just one of the stops we will be making in Boston. We will hear how they see the industry changing – and hear about what part they are playing in it. Experiencing the full range of disruption – from start-ups, to investors, physicians and academic centres, we will be astounded at the pace and possibility of change.

Get your seat!

Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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