MyHealthTeams is an online social network for chronic patients with chronic diseases, connecting patients suffering from both rare and more common diseases across the globe. This allows the sharing of information, stories and support between patients. This can help them become more engaged and informed interlocutors with not only their own physicians, but also the health systems they live in.

Why are we stopping here?

MyHealthTeams is a phenomenal and growing web-portal, with over 700,000 members across 24 different conditions. Patients and carers use the platform to get support from each other, validate their actions, and to get recommendations on treatments. Health systems are not set up to support patients in their daily life – which is where a strong network of always-on support can be incredibly impactful.

Filling the gap in the market, MHT offers the prospect of improving health outcomes through internet-enabled social support. Not only does the platform support individuals, it offers a concentrated group of potentially disparate patients who can engage in research and discussion which would otherwise simply not be possible.


A stop spent hearing how patient groups can be not only hugely supportive for patients themselves – but can also help further the understanding and treatment of conditions. Find out more at

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

My Health Teams is just one of our amazing stops in California. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms and – of course – healthcare companies. Check the other stops on our website.

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