MobiHealthNews is perhaps the pre-eminent news source for Digital Health – for reporting, analysis and explanation. Jonah Comstock, the editor in chief, publishes one of the most read daily briefs on the market, giving him a unique perspective on what is happening in not only Boston, but around the world, at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Why are we stopping here?

With the ever growing number of companies, partnerships and technologies emerging onto the digital healthcare landscape, Mobihealthnews serves as a much needed journal of record – tracking the most important trends, and sorting the significant from the quotidian.

Hearing from them will allow us to learn about the ways in which different organisations are working together – or say they are – and how this can look in the public domain. As ever more capital is funnelled towards smaller companies, and these are located in ever more places, this is a skill and mindset which will help establish the true course of the digital health movement.

Prepare to meet one of the most read writers on the development of digital health.

One more stop, one new way of working with future-defining companies – find out more at

See the Life Sciences model change in front of your eyes

Mobihealthnews is just one of the stops we will be making in Boston. We will hear how they see the industry changing – and hear about what part they are playing in it. Experiencing the full range of disruption – from start-ups, to investors, physicians and academic centres, we will be astounded at the pace and possibility of change.

Get your seat!

Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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