Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology

The Icahn Institute, based at Mount Sinai, is a specialised centre riding many of the big waves crashing into the healthcare shore. With interests in digital technology, genetics and what non-traditional partner can bring to the table, the Institute is a hotbed of thinking, and is also actively engaged with many of the clinical departments at Mount Sinai – meaning that their insights are based on, and available too, real patients.

Why are we stopping here?

The Icahn Institute, founded in 2011, is a fascinating hybrid, sitting somewhere between academic medicine, a high tech incubator, and a hospital. With access to some of the world’s most powerful genetic sequencing tools, as well as deep experience of and engagement with industry, it is both committed to developing precision medicine, and also to deploying it to patients. To enable this, it not only has supercomputers and high tech research frameworks, but also access to the clinicians within the Mount Sinai system.

Their cutting edge research moves from one of the first clinical apps to use the Apple ResearchKit tool, which allows large qualitative data sets to be generated from patients themselves, to collaborating with 23andme to expand knowledge on the interaction between genetics and disease, and developing services for parents who are concerned about whether they are carrier for genetic diseases.

Get ready to meet a team who have one eye on the future – but their full focus on bringing value to patients.

One more way to bring high technology to those who need it most – find out more at http://icahn.mssm.edu/research/genomics

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State

The Icahn Institute  is just one of our amazing stops in New York. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms and – of course – healthcare companies. Check the other stops on our website.

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