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IBM is a company which needs no introduction, and its Watson program has been getting ever smarter since winning US quiz show Jeopardy in 2011. Watson is an artificial intelligence (‘cognitive learning’) system, which learns from large, unstructured data sources – deriving answers from questions in natural language. IBM offers the Watson program as a building block for other firms through its Watson Ecosystem offering, and has an ever expanding footprint throughout the healthcare sector.

Why are we stopping here?

Without a doubt, IBM Watson represents one of the most visionary and exciting developments in the healthcare sector. From launching a venture fund to support the wider Watson ecosystem in 2011, to the mammoth acquisition of Truven Health Analytics in 2016, to the ever expanding list of partners in the Watson Health platform (from Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer centre to wellness platform Welltok to Apple ResearchKit), to gathering one of the largest patient information databases in the world, Watson is at the forefront of health analytics and data. IBM’s open and collaborative development model offers it unrivalled access to all corners of the healthcare value chain – and this is being increasingly leveraged to improve access to, and decrease cost for, high quality healthcare. 
Prepare to meet a company well on its way to reconfiguring not only the healthcare landscape, but how we even think about healthcare itself! 
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