• Sunday 28th of January
    Welcome and greeting with the group
  • Monday 29th of January

    • Intro from Peter Hinssen
    Peter, author of the Day After Tomorrow, will give an overview of how technology is changing the way we need to think about the future of our enterprises – and how we need to plan for this new reality.

    •  Day-After-Tomorrow workshops
    What does technology mean for your business, and where are the best locations for automation, partnership and talent to be deployed to leverage your commercial advantage?
    This moderated group workshop will help give a framework for you to understand how you and your organisation can ride the coming wave of change.

    •  Visit to Nokia Health/Withings
    Withings has a legacy of beautiful products which work well – and which blend in with everyday life of the people who wear them. Compare this to some of the much more aesthetically heavy handed approaches of rival wearable makers, and it is clear that Withings has a design approach which is customer centred. Combined with the power of a Nokia refocussed on the consumer market, with its innovation and scaling experience, this will prove a gripping case study on the role of large scale collaborations, and international partnerships.



    •  Visit to Boston Childrens’ Hospital
    The clinicians within Boston Children’s are uniquely capable of seeing where gaps in medical practice are, and how they can be fixed. This means that everything should be in place to bring these ideas to reality – and ideally, as fast as possible.

    •  Visit to a Corporate Venture Capital firm

  • Tuesday 30th of January

    •  Visit to Pulse@Masschallenge
    Pulse is the realisation that Digital Health is both more important, and rather different, from normal industries. We will visit and meet early stage start-ups, and see how they came to choose Pulse, where they see their technologies going, and what their plans for the future of the healthcare industry are!

    •  Discussion with MobiHealthNews
    With the ever growing number of companies, partnerships and technologies emerging onto the digital healthcare landscape, Mobihealthnews serves as a much needed journal of record – tracking the most important trends, and sorting the significant from the quotidian.


    •  Visit to an start-up and research translation hub

    •  Flight to San Francisco

  • Wednesday 31st of January
    San Francisco

    •  Visit to Omada Health
    Omada sits at some of the big intersections of the disruption sweeping through the healthcare industry – extreme patient centricity, incredible user experience, very clever integration of on- and off-line, as well as social networks and coaching. With big-league backers (A16Z, GE Ventures, Cigna and dRx Capital, to name but four) and a founding team from the creative consulting industry behemoth IDEO, Omada is redefining what medical treatment really means.



    •  Visit to IndieBio
    IndieBio is bringing a new spin to the world of biotech ventures. With a wet lab in house, the stated goal of using biology to improve humanity and an (informal) estimate of $40bn of venture capital flowing to companies which have come out of their accelerator cohorts it certainly looks like it is getting there.

    •  Visit to Helix DNA
    Helix is aiming to make genetic testing relevant to more than just the people interested in their lineage, or who have them done for specific medical purposes. Using a form of genetic sequencing which is more in-depth than others in the space, Helix will host the genetic information of its users – and allow other companies and apps to leverage the information on this platform.

  • Thursday 1st February

    •  Visit to Andreesen Horowitz
    A16z has developed one of the best profiles for investing in innovative new companies at the intersection of biology, healthcare and technology. With investments in Omada Health, Ubiome and Freenome, they are outlining a convincing thesis on where they think medicine will be in the future –in software.



    •  Visit to Google/Verily
    Google has been interested in life sciences and medicine for a while, but in 2015 Verily became the science research arm of the umbrella company ‘Alphabet’.

    •  Visit to Evidation Health
    Evidation is a data and study management platform, which allows partners throughout the healthcare continuum to securely partner to leverage data sets which represent the real lives of patients – leading to the possibility to develop value-based pricing and novel evidence generation.

  • Friday 2nd February

    •  Visit to uBiome
    Ubiome is a company looking at the way in which health is related to the bacteria which live in (and on) us – focussing on our gut, skin, mouth, genitals and nose. They went from being a crowd-funded start-up to working with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in three years, and are growing both their database and army of ‘citizen scientists’ at considerable speed.

    •  Visit to Sidekick Health
    Sidekick health is an Icelandic-based patient engagement platform, which creates a fun, stimulating and personalised lifestyle intervention which focusses on making healthier choices, reducing known risk factors and changing the way we think about interventional health management.



    •  Visit to Woebot
    Woebot is an AI powered chatbot therapist, with a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Leveraging natural language processing, it serves as a tool for those dealing with mental health and wellness.

    •  Closing Group Workshop and flight out
    In the closing session of the tour, we will reflect on what we have seen, what feels like it will be the most disruptive to our businesses – and how we can go about inserting the DNA of the Valley into the first morning back in office.

Programme subject to change Any questions please contact
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