The Healthcare Disruption Tour just landed…

The Healthcare Disruption Tour just landed…

We have just touched down for the third Healthcare Disruption Tour in Boston – and while it is icy outside, the excitement of a disruptive week is keeping us warm.

While we know the names of those we are going to visit – and that they are working at the coal face of radical innovation in healthcare – this doesn’t weaken our excitement (or, potentially, worry). How they have got there (and where they will go next) is our real interest.

Where the industry goes – only a brave man could say….

The range of inroads we will see into the traditional life sciences models is startling. We know that we will be surprised by areas of the traditional value chain we didn’t even conceive of, being attacked by nimble, smart, small players. And we will end up feeling that the island on which traditional healthcare is based has got a little bit smaller. (And all this may even happen before breakfast).

We also know that there will be many (dozens, possibly) of ‘what if’ moments – part jealousy, and part awe. What if we…

  • had as good a relationship with customers as them?
  • were able to capture and use more data?
  • had more patients or physicians involved at earlier stages?
  • were able to go against compliance?


Discomfort can be our friend

For incumbents, these are questions which should really push the boundary of current action. The inheritance of legacy systems is that too often we are caught in a ‘horses vs. tanks’ question – fighting the battles of today with the tools of yesteryear. But, to push the metaphor – drones are the future.

The march of time is relentless, and it is only by challenging the possible that traditional players will be able to compete.

Return here every day to hear about what we have learnt, who we have seen, and to hear about what should be keeping healthcare incumbents up at night.


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