28 Days (ish) later – the disruption virus takes hold

28 Days (ish) later – the disruption virus takes hold

We returned form the Healthcare Disruption Tour a little over a month ago – although, with the pace of change, it feels like longer. It’s a shock to the system to return from the future – but a bit of distance can illuminate how radical everything was.  Peter Hinssen says that after trips he leads, one person usually decides that they can’t take the re-adjustment – and leaves to start a new enterprise of their own.

While that hasn’t happened this time (yet!) – it’s interesting to see what our participants have done since returning to ‘normal’. They are all dealing with the question of how radical innovation be brought into big organisations, and what the future means for them.

Three approaches to this emerge.

The first is that they are now visionaries. They have seen what the uncertainty of the near future may look like – and now proselytise this uncertainty at home. They are building the burning platform for their organisations – organising internal groups, raising issues with management, and trying to get the virus of disruption to take hold.

Second, even if companies have broken down their internal silos – the company itself has become a new silo. Some of our returnees are organising full strategic reviews of their companies – with longer timeframes than could normally be expected. Others are challenging their teams to think like start-ups – to run projects for short bursts with limited resources, and letting the best continue, and celebrating failure. Some are looking at the kinds of partnerships they can foster to make healthcare innovation a two way street.

Thirdly – there is existential fear, and our returnees are now agitators for total value re-evaluation. Synthetic and computational biology, digital therapeutics, and other key technologies are going to change the entire way we see healthcare. This will disrupt not only the pharmaceutical industry and business model, but also a lot of other stakeholders whose business is providing people with healthy lives. While the exact form of their eventual intervention is not clear yet – preparing organisations for this long-term eventuality – and thinking about what value really is – is perhaps the most radical of all.


We have just announced the dates for our 2018 trip – 29th to the 2nd of February. It’s going to be another whirlwind – and we hope you can join us to find out how the world isn’t as solid as you thought.


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