Food For Thought Worldwide (FTW)

Food For Thought Worldwide (FTW) is an early stage venture fund focussing on the hardware, software and biotech needed for and by the Food industry. With interests both in advising and investing, FTW is looking to be involved in increasing the nutritional quality of food, the quantity which can be grown, and making it healthier for those who consume it.

Why are we stopping here?

Of the largest causes of mortality in the United States, most notably Heart Disease, the most important risk factors are things you put into your body – significantly, in this case, food. An overabundance of it, and in particular of the wrong sort, can cause diabetes. Many new disease vectors emerge from animal-based agriculture. To discount the food industry would therefore be to miss a key opportunity to provide better health for huge numbers of people. Injecting high-tech know-how and disruptive thinking to the food industry will certainly play a significant role in helping (potential) patients for years to come. 

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Food for Thought Worldwide is just one of our amazing stops in San Francisco. Next to their insights, we’ll be astounded by technology players, venture capital firms and – of course – healthcare companies. Check the other stops on our website.


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