Fitbit is a giant in the world of self tracking, fitness devices and healthy living technology. Starting from 2011’s clip-on ‘Tracker’, the company has grown to be a major player in the world of digital health and personal data collection. This background has helped Fitbit move into the world of ‘smart watches’, competing with Apple and Samsung, and offers intriguing possibilities for the future of the Internet of Things and always-on connectivity for healthcare.

Why are we stopping here?

Fitbit’s rise has been parallel with that of the Quantified Self movement, and they have become almost synonymous with personal movement and fitness trackers. Branching out from early adopters into both academic/clinical use and aesthetically pleasing watch-like devices, the company stands ready to become a major part of the way in which consumer health becomes a part of the formal healthcare ecosystem.

Matching a high product release tempo with exceptional software, and a business model that is increasingly focussing on healthcare provision (with at least 70 Fortune500 companies signing up for corporate wellness programmes), Fitbit is well placed within the wider healthcare ecosystem to embrace and shape a pivot towards data rich, consumer centric health.

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