Evidation is a data and study management platform, which allows partners throughout the healthcare continuum to securely partner to leverage data sets which represent the real lives of patients – leading to the possibility to develop value-based pricing and novel evidence generation.

Why are we stopping here?

While there is widespread acknowledgement that data is the new oil, the usage of large, publically gathered data sets in the healthcare arena has developed slowly compared to other industries. The apparent omnipresence of wearables, as well as a burgeoning consumer interest in their own health and genomics, have run into usability and privacy concerns as often as they have true success.

Evidation squares these circles through an innovative use of multiple sensor types, and its own gamified consumer population platform, www.mypopulation.com . These enable it to create real-time, pragmatic trials, which it can subsequently analyse through its powerful back end analytics platform. Founded by GE Ventures and Stanford Healthcare only in 2016, they have already raised $31mn, from some of the most respected VC’s in the industry.

Prepare to see what one of the futures of clinical trials could be.

One more stop, one distinct vision of what the future may be like.  http://www.evidation.com/

See the Life Sciences model change in front of your eyes

Evidation is just one of the stops we will be making in San Francisco. We will hear how they see the industry changing – and hear about what part they are playing in it. Experiencing the full range of disruption – from start-ups, to investors, physicians and academic centres, we will be astounded at the pace and possibility of change.

Get your seat!

Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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