Circle Square

Circle Square Inc is a Health Technology research firm, publisher and information aggregator. With a legacy of working with major vendors across the healthcare spectrum, from health information system clients, through management consultants, to pharma clients, they have a proven background in navigating the digital health landscape.

Why are we stopping here?

In the wider digital health ecosystem, there are dozens of transactions a week, impacted by regulations, previous relations and funding rounds, and many other factors. This means that differentiating between trends, points of interest and ‘big bets’ can be incredibly challenging.

As the traditional between boundaries between different facets of healthcare, ranging from medical records to clinical discovery, break down – having subject level knowledge of different parts of the healthcare chain becomes increasingly important. Circle Square have this, as well as industry experience. This brings a nuanced view of trends in one part of the ecosystem, and how they may impact others.

When looking for the right direction to go, you first need an idea of what the territory looks like. Find out more at .

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