Bus Stop 1: Trial Fusion

Based in San Diego, Trial Fusion provides strategic advisory services and mission-critical support to disruptive healthcare entrepreneurs and companies to maximize the chances of successful implementation of their ideas – they even claim their founders created digital health. Their experience brings the wildest digital evolutions to real added value at the bedside.


Why are we stopping here?


Having crazy thoughts about the future in healthcare is one thing, but making it part of tomorrow’s daily practice is something else. Trial Fusion helps its life science and healthcare clients validate and commercialize digitally enabled products & services. On a daily basis, they are confronted with the most exciting gizmos that want to be part of the new normal. It’s a rocky road to the real world, but they really make it happen.
Don’t expect to meet a bunch of wild inventors; prepare to shake the hands that build the real stuff.
Meet them at http://trialfusion.com/.

Get your seat!

Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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