Bus Stop 10: Scripps Translational Science Institute

The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) is a San Diego-based research organization full of evangelists of real personalized healthcare. It aims to replace the status-quo of one-size-fits-all-medicine with individualized healthcare informed by genetic factors that drive health and disease and capitalizes on new advances in digital technology.


Why are we stopping here?


STSI has created a unique academic environment to support ground-breaking translational research, education and career development, by combining the exceptional lineage of basic and translational science at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) with the highly committed and juxtaposed Scripps Health (SH). Since its establishment in 2006 by Scripps Health, STSI has been distinguished by its leadership in translational genomics and for harnessing digital, or wireless, medical technology for health monitoring of patients. STSI stands on the barricades to get more clinical data about mobile health solutions, aiming for scientifically proven added value via digital tools for patients.
Another bus stop… and another exciting angle to healthcare disruption. Discover more information on www.stsiweb.org/.

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