Bus Stop 8: Rocket Space

Rocket Space provides an ecosystem designed to help tech entrepreneurs and startups. It’s the premier tech office space in San Francisco, not only providing office-as-a-service, but startup accelerator-like educational programs, events, resources and a supportive network to help new businesses thrive.
Rocket Space is at the intersection of startups and corporates. Its open innovation consultancy helps corporates disrupt their industry and find new revenue streams.


Why are we stopping here?


Rocket Space is like a greenhouse for tech businesses. It creates an environment loaded with energy from passionate entrepreneurs who inspire each other to create the future. The era of doing all by yourself is close to its end. Rocket Space destroys islands, builds bridges, and allows new ideas to grow on the fertile soils of its community members.

Collaboration, co-inspiration, co-creation, … The future of tomorrow’s healthcare lies in unity. Let’s find out more….

Dive into the world of Rocket Space via http://rocketspace.com

Get your seat!

Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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