Bus Stop 4: Practice Fusion

Based in San Francisco, Practice Fusion is disrupting the very traditional world of electronic health records (EHR). It offers a cloud-based practice management system for healthcare providers as well a patient portal for consumers, all for free. They combine scheduling, data collection, medical imaging, e-prescriptions and arrangements with payers all in one tool, therefore covering the entire patient journey.


Why are we stopping here?


Practice Fusion is creating one of the richest healthcare data ecosystems in the world. With more than 110 million health records, they get real-time insights in large patient populations (epidemiology, prescribing behaviour, …), and on the other hand – via their direct-to-patient interface – they roll out individualized awareness campaigns, and offer therapy adherence solutions to those who need it. Practice Fusion partners with a variety of stakeholder like payers, patient organizations and pharma companies to create better lives for the protagonist in healthcare: the patient.

Real connected health, big data and a human touch all in one company; we bet that you can’t wait to meet these visionaries.

More info at http://www.practicefusion.com/.

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