Omada Health

Omada Health is one of the best-respected and –funded digital health startups in the world. Based on industry-recognised and Centre for Disease Control approved research, this company began by tackling one of the most challenging parts and undiagnosed parts of healthcare – pre-diabetes – but now has a much wider landscape.


Why are we stopping here?


Omada sits at some of the big intersections of the disruption sweeping through the healthcare industry – extreme patient centricity, incredible user experience, very clever integration of on- and off-line, as well as social networks and coaching. With big-league backers (A16Z, GE Ventures, Cigna and dRx Capital, to name but four) and a founding team from the creative consulting industry behemoth IDEO, Omada is redefining what medical treatment really means.

By combining these trends, Omada manages to show results which rival those of some pharmaceuticals, particularly in regards to losing weight (and having that weight stay off). This equates to meaningful reductions in risk for three chronic diseases: type 2 diabetes, strokes, and heart disease.

Their clinically validated programme offers some intriguing possibilities for the future, in which medicine is supported continually by well designed, easy to use technology – and perhaps one day, the other way around.


The company at the forefront of the revolution in digital therapeutics– find out more at


See the Life Sciences model change in front of your eyes


Omada is just one of the stops we will be making in San Francisco. We will see how they see the industry changing – and hear about what part they are playing in it. Experiencing the full range of disruption – from start-ups, to investors, physicians and academic centres, we will be astounded at the pace and possibility of change.

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Join us on this unique 5-day tour to the heart of the action in healthcare disruption, and be amazed+inspired!


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