Bus Stop 3: Medicast

Medicast is a tech company in the Valley that aims to bring healthcare to the patient, and not the other way around. Their mobile platform connects patients to the relevant healthcare provider in a cost-effective, timely & high-quality way, and even handles all financial flows via connections with insurance companies and payers.


Why are we stopping here?


Medicast brings the Uber-philosophy to the world of healthcare, and is therefore a real disrupter. It has introduced a different way of presenting high-quality care to patients. Medicast combines innovative technologies with the still unrivaled human touch, enabling the housecall of the futureā€¦ today. They help to remember that everything we do is about patients. Therefore we are really looking forward to getting immersed in their vision, views and modus operandi.

Find out more on www.medicast.com.

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