Bus Stop 9: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a leading global company in life sciences, with a focus on medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer health. Their first mission was to provide sterile materials to surgeons, a real breakthrough in healthcare back thenNow, well over a century later, their commitment to helping people live healthier lives is still their guiding principle, witnessed among other things by the Janssen Healthcare Innovation group in San Diego, our 3rd bus stop.


Why are we stopping here?


Janssen Healthcare Innovation is an entrepreneurial team focused on creating integrated care businesses and enabling technologies which put the patient at the center of healthcare. It is a catalyst for change that will transform the healthcare experience, improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Among other offerings, JHI created the Care4Today™ (www.care4today.com) master brand to reflect exactly this commitment. The team is led by Dr. Diego Miralles, physician & researcher with a passion for healthcare delivery innovation.
Prepare to meet a ‘traditional’ healthcare company that is getting ready for the future.
More information on www.janssenhealthcareinnovation.com

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