Autodesk is a global engineering and modelling software firm, with ongoing and significant interests in ecological design, bio-nano engineering, and sustainable development. From their original computer aided design software, used by engineers and architects, they are increasingly focussed on the life sciences and synthetic biology.

Why are we stopping here?

Autodesk has grown into something of a giant in the synthetic biology world. With an increasing acknowledgement that DNA can be treated as both a code and a building material, albeit on a molecular level, they have begun designing machines on the nano scale. By building or editing virus’ or bacteria to perform useful functions, including creating useful biological products, it is becoming possible to think far ‘beyond’ normal medicine – potentially even impacting diseases and conditions which have proved intractable to disease or progression modification in the past.

Prepare to meet a company who is building something great – but smaller than the eye can see.

Another bus stop at the intersection of conventional problems but novel biological thinking  – find out more at

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