Healthcare Disruption Tour 2017
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Across Health’s 2015 Healthcare Disruption Tour was an adventure beyond all expectations.

We toured with pharma leaders to engage with technology disruptors who are inspiring the rethinking and reshaping of tomorrow’s healthcare…

…and we’re going to do it again! So why not join us and to be part of the journey in 2017?


We want you to understand what exactly is happening and we want you to breathe in disruptive technologies and business models. We want you to feel the power of disruptive thinking.

Our unique 5-day Tour will take you to the key hubs of healthcare disruption – areas that hot-house the most competitive business environments on the planet. Today, the majority of the start-ups on the East and West coasts no longer are tech companies. These ruthless new-borns are there to disrupt entire industries. These hotbeds of innovation are rife with pioneers that aim to shake up the world of healthcare and medicine.

This intensive learning experience takes you on a whirlwind tour from the San Francisco and New York, where you will meet a select set of disruptive startups and technologies, radical thinkers and visionaries, get acquainted with likeminded peers and learn new insights from the expert tour guides…All of this will give you a solid framework to assess future trends in healthcare – and of the threats and opportunities they pose for your business.

We will visit established players, as well as exciting new healthcare startups and disruptive players, have input from leading experts and visionaries in their fields, and try to understand the strategies for incumbent players in the healthcare space.


We’re currently building our 2017 tour programme.

See below for up-to-date list of bus stops

The focus of the 2017 tour will be on the latest disruptive technologies and healthcare innovation. We have chosen these 2 areas for good reason. Firstly, we have seen Silicon Valley be the epicentre of disruptive technology innovation – where start-ups shifted their aspirations from wishing to be the next Intel and Oracle, to being the next Uber or AirBnB. The venture capital industry is tracking and betting heavily on these disruptive technology start-ups, but now with ever-increasing focus on the next big domain of change – healthcare.

So secondly, we want to experience how the healthcare domain, which is seen as the next ‘Big Big Thing’, has taken on board the new technologies such as big data, internet of things, AI and mobile health, together with the advent of totally new approaches in understanding and engaging physicians, providers, patients and payers through new business models that will totally reshape the healthcare landscape.

San Francisco and New York are both well connected in the healthcare and biotech scenes and are seeing the worlds of technology and healthcare merge. You will meet healthcare thought leaders, engage with nimble health-tech start-ups, and learn how leading incumbents have found successful ways of embedding this innovation in their companies. And of course you will learn a lot from your likeminded peers, on the bus, during visits and during breakfast, lunch & dinner!


  • Arrival
    January 15
    Arrive in San Francisco on January 15th
  • San Francisco / Valley Area Bus Stops
    January 16-18
    Visit companies on the ‘tour bus’
    • Andreesen Horowitz
    • uBiome
    • MyHealthTeams
    • SCRIPPS Translational Science Institute
    • Qualcomm Ventures
    • More to come!

    Led by your expert thought leader tour guides who are on hand to discuss/share experiences

  • Transfer
    January 18
    Direct flight transfer to New York on evening of January 18
  • New York Bus Stops
    January 19-20
    Visit companies on the ‘tour bus’
    • IBM Watson Health
    • StartUp Health
    • Zocdoc
    • More coming soon!

    Led by your expert thought leader tour guides who are on hand to discuss/share experiences

  • Return
    January 21
    Return home with a baggage full of inspiring ideas and experience.


More coming soon!



StartUp Health

StartUp Health

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz

Scripps Translational Science Institute

Scripps Translational Science Institute

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health



Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures


Guided ‘bus’ tour – visiting 3-4 centres of excellence per day

Each ‘bus stop’ innovation company meeting will last approx. 1-2 hours:

      • Mix of presentation and discussion
      • Current and future trends driving their specialty area
      • The inspiration behind their core offering/innovation, how they ‘broke through’
      • How they structured internally and networked externally to embrace innovation
      • Future challenges they see in healthcare disruption

Option to stay on for further discussion and ‘catch up the bus’

Back to hotel, share experiences and discuss the innovative day over group dinner


A typical tour day

We hope that you will have a marvelously inspiring and fun week. We are looking forward to visiting these electrifying companies and experiencing this new frontier firsthand. But above all, we are eager to share the sheer brute force and excitement of disruption with a fantastic group of people. May you get a lot of disruptive goose-bumps this week!

Peter Hinssen (Chairman Nexxworks)                  

Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health)


Fonny Schenck is a managing partner of Across Group and CEO of Across Health, a global consultancy focused on impactful innovative customer-centric approaches in healthcare. Fonny likes to work at the exciting intersection of technology, business strategy and innovation. His recent strategic focus areas are the impact of mhealth on the business model for pharma.


Peter Hinssen is a global thought leader on the impact of technology on society. He is a recognized writer, lectures at the LBS and is also a board advisor on innovation and technology. He leads executive education workshops around the innovation potential of technology, and is a passionate and much sought-after keynote speaker. In addition, he is an experienced organizer & facilitator of Disruption Tours.

peter hinssen


5-day Executive U.S.A. Tour

  • The fee to participate is € 8,000 excl. VAT.
  • Group Discount (…2 people) – 10% discount for the 2nd person
  • Group Discount (…3 people) – 10% discount for the 2nd & 3rd persons

What’s included:

  • All visits
  • All speaker fees
  • All breakfasts/lunches/dinners
  • Executive local bus travel
  • San Francisco to New York direct flight

The fee excludes the travel to U.S.A. and back

Cancellation policy:

· If you cancel your participation 2 months before the event, there is no cancellation fee
· If you cancel between 2 weeks and 8 weeks before the event, the cancellation fee is € 5,000 excl. VAT.
· If you cancel during the last 2 weeks, there will be no refund of your participation fee
In all circumstances, you are allowed to send someone else to take your place if it does not work out for your own agenda or personal life


This is how our participants experienced the 2015 Tour

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